Isyana Sarasvati Releases Her Fourth Album Called “ISYANA”

Isyana Sarasvati continues her musical journey as she releases her fourth album entitled “ISYANA.” This album represents a significant milestone in her artistic career, as it reflects her personal growth and resilience in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the myriad of events that have shaped her life. The album invites listeners to delve deeper into her most virtuous life.

Isyana describes this fourth album as an integral part of her personal story, one that emerged triumphant from the challenges of the ‘small apocalypse’. The pandemic became a defining turning point and catalyst for her emotional and spiritual maturity. The musician from Bandung, feels that the pandemic was a turning point and burning point moment for her.  Isyana Sarasvati shared, “There’s a lot we can learn and derive wisdom from this ‘small apocalypse’. From this challenging period, I have learned invaluable lessons and discovered profound spiritual and non-spiritual revelations, which have contributed to my personal growth”.

During this transformative era, Isyana also delved deeper into self-discovery, finding inspiration in countless emotions and experiences. These diverse experiences have become a wellspring of creative energy, allowing her to craft three additional songs that seamlessly complement the themes explored in “ISYANA.”

One of the songs within the album is a collaboration with Mantra Vutura, entitled “UNDER GOD’S PLAN.” Building on their previous collaboration on the track “Prelude I,” that featured in the EP “my Mystery,” this captivating composition stands as the longest piece Isyana has ever produced, with a duration of 6 minutes and 52 seconds. One of the members of Mantra Vutura, Zakari Danubrata, also sings in this song. In a captivating fusion of musical prowess, Isyana Sarasvati and Mantra Vutura blend their talents, incorporating Isyana’s own crafted languages that evoke a sense of enchanting mantras. The essence of progressive rock is masterfully infused into this single, accompanied by the electronic music elements skillfully contributed by the duo, Mantra Vutura.

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Furthermore, Isyana presents a new progressive rock material titled “mindblowing!” This song is an abstract expression that  encapsulates the concept of individual journeys converging and harmonising, despite their inherent differences. Isyana’s artistic interpretation manifests through the resounding impact of thunderous drum beats and electrifying guitar riffs. Notably, the song features an iconic and infectious melody that invites and compels all who hear it to join in a chorus of shared emotions.

The album “ISYANA” indeed holds profound significance for Isyana Sarasvati, representing an intensely personal and introspective endeavour. As a testament to this, Isyana includes a heartfelt single for her fans in collaboration with her beloved husband, Rayhan Maditra. This marks the second collaboration between Isyana and Mako (Rayhan’s nickname), following the release of their 2021 hit song, “1+1.”

In this song, Isyana and Mako convey the personal significance the song holds for them, as it emanates from the depths of their profound connection and carries a heartfelt message for their loved ones. Furthermore, Isyana presents an alternative rendition of the song, the stripped version, as a bonus track.

In addition, The album “ISYANA” goes above and beyond with the inclusion of two additional bonus tracks. Among them is “UNLOCK THE KEY (Electone Version),” an instrumental masterpiece accompanied by a previously-released performance video in collaboration with Kenan Loui. Following that is the enchanting interlude titled “ISYANA,” which serves as a poignant backdrop for the heartfelt single “HOME,” featuring a personal conversation between Isyana and Rayhan.

The album “ISYANA” is a compilation of 11 tracks, each imbued with profound significance for the current version of Isyana Sarasvati. Through this fourth album, we embark on a journey of discovery, delving deeper into the essence of Isyana Sarasvati’s artistry.

The album “ISYANA” can be accessed through your favourite digital platform on May 26, 2023. Stay tuned for captivating visual materials that will enhance and complement the immersive experience of each unique composition.


    1. Intro: If I Can Turn Back Time
    2. my Mystery
    3. Prelude I (feat. Mantra Vutura)
    4. IL SOGNO
    5. mindblowing!
    8. ISYANA
    9. Home
    10. Home – Stripped Version
    11. UNLOCK THE KEY (feat. Kenan Loui) – Electone Version

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