Isyana Sarasvati Releases A Special Version of “UNLOCK THE KEY”

Success with the EP titled “my Mystery”, Isyana Sarasvati was not easily satisfied with her achievements. The desire to give the best from within her always encourages Isyana to produce new works. Now, she is back with a piano version of her majestic single entitled “UNLOCK THE KEY”.

Isyana said that “UNLOCK THE KEY” is an analogy to a war inside herself and the struggle to win it. But in this version, Isyana invites her listeners to dive deeper in to this song with her majestic nuances. A majestic feeling that only she can convey.

Click the image to watch “UNLOCK THE KEY” Piano Version

She took all distortions and additional instruments from the original version. The usage of grand piano also makes the version present an intimate classical and warm sound.

When Isyana asked the reason why she wanted to released the piano version of “UNLOCK THE KEY”, she admitted that she wants to return this song to the beginning of its creation. “I want to return to the scratch of this song which everything starts from the piano,” said Isyana Sarasvati.

Isyana Sarasvati hopes her listeners could enjoy this song in a different version. “Hopefully it can give new breath to ‘UNLOCK THE KEY’ which you usually hear full of distortion and full of massive instrumentation. Now we are going back to its roots, Isyana and her piano,” concluded Isyana.

“UNLOCK THE KEY” piano version is out now in Isyana Sarasvati’s YouTube channel since February 10th. She will also release “IL SOGNO” piano version from “my Mystery” EP next week, February 17th!

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