Isyana Sarasvati once again greets her fans with a new single. After releasing her fourth album titled “ISYANA” and the single “Ada Ada Aja” last year, the diva now presents a beautiful new melody titled “Aku Rindu”. For Isyana Sarasvati, 2023 has been a long year full of surprises and lessons for her. She pours various life stories into this song, especially about feelings of letting go and loss. A story that surely becomes a universal experience, presented as a poignant lesson to strengthen.

The single “Aku Rindu”, which is Isyana’s heartfelt outpouring, is presented in a melancholic musical arrangement as the opener for a series of singles to be released throughout 2024. Every choice of simple words in the lyrics of this song is a manifestation of Isyana’s desire to be close to the feelings of everyone who listens to “Aku Rindu”. Interestingly, this simplicity deepens the emotion when the song is heard. As depicted in one of the lyrical excerpts:

“Sampai bertemu lagi,
Dengan dirimu kasih.
Semoga bersama lagi,
Dengan dirimu kasih.”

This work is a very special surprise. With the help of Lafa Pratomo as co-producer, Isyana Sarasvati presents soft piano tinkling and a majestic string section, inviting listeners to feel her emotional depth. “Lost, broken, empty, rising, and learning to let go of the person you’ve been waiting for. But no matter what, ‘Aku Rindu’, this song is for you, from the deepest part of my heart,” says Isyana Sarasvati.

Isyana Sarasvati’s latest single can be heard on all streaming platforms starting next Friday (June 28). Isyana also presents a music video that can be enjoyed on July 3. In this music video, Isyana Sarasvati will act alongside a young actor named Adam Xavier, and Piala Citra nominee, Ario Bayu.

This song also serves as a prelude to Isyana Sarasvati’s solo concert commemorating a decade of her career, which will be held this year. The concert titled “Lost in Harmony” will take place on November 16 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Currently, early bird tickets are sold out, leaving only regular category tickets. All information regarding Isyana Sarasvati’s decade concert can be accessed through the link

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