Isyana Sarasvati Haunted by Monsters in “my Mystery” Music Video

Since she released “LEXICON” album in 2019, Isyana Sarasvati always appears with a different image and appearance. The authenticities became her unique identity that influences her in her songs, including her music video.

Collaborating with Bujang Rimba as a production house, Isyana Sarasvati presents various unique and scary characters in “my Mystery” music video. She visualizes herself being haunted by monsters at night in her own house. Not only is being haunted, Isyana also has to fight against the monsters.

The video starts with Isyana who was asleep and had to wake up because her house is surrounded by monsters with the same face as her. Isyana closed the door and running inside. However, an unexpected monster appeared and chased her until they managed to break in. Isyana had to fight desperately to save herself from the monster’s pursuers.

This music video has unique characters and visual elements, such as the running cucumber, the headbanging eggs, and a few people laying in Isyana’s living room turning into a giant fruit. Those elements make the video looks so exciting.

Click the image above to watch “my Mystery” music video

“Those thrilling and hilarious visuals enrich the taste and imagination’s audience of the song,” said Isyana about the “my Mystery” music video concept.

This masterpiece is also an interesting visuals to describe what Isyana Sarasvati was thinking when she created this song. In this single, she tells us about her subconscious conflict that he feels and often insists to overflow.

“Actually, ‘my Mystery’ was released a year ago but through this music video, I want to invite the audiences to feel the excitement when we meet on live performance, when we can jump and headbanging together,” she concluded.

“my Mystery” music video will come to your house and haunt you from this Wednesday night (15/3). We can also meet the monsters earlier at the YouTube premier at 19.00 WIB. So, be the first one to meet the monsters and unlock Isyana Sarasvati’s mystery!

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