Isyana Sarasvati Dances In Her New Music Video “mindblowing!”

Isyana Sarasvati has always been known for her innovative and cool approach to her creations. Isyana consistently offers unique interpretations of her songs through captivating music videos, and her fourth album, “ISYANA” is no exception. Previously, Isyana Sarasvati unveiled a film interpretation of her song, “UNDER GOD’S PLAN”, directed by the talented Dani Huda during the debut of her album on May 26th.

Once again, Isyana Sarasvati has delivered a music video for her latest song, “mindblowing!”. This visually stunning production that showcases the fresh and authentic side of Isyana Sarasvati also features a captivating display of choreography. Diverging from her previous singles, Isyana Sarasvati takes centre stage and dances in this music video, reminiscent of her electrifying performances at her showcase ‘ISYANA: The 4th Album Showcase’ held at Gedung Kesenian, which was successful in garnering enthusiasm from her audience to join in the exhilarating experience of Isyana’s movements on stage.

Directed by Aditya Muhara, the music video offers a glimpse into a different side of Isyana Sarasvati. Collaborating with Isyana on the choreography is the contemporary dancer, Ricard Zhang.

“Mindblowing!” is an abstract expression of how the unique journeys of every individual can bring them together. Isyana skillfully presents this abstract expression into a sonic experience through the resounding thumps of the drums and the electrifying riffs of the guitar. The song’s iconic feature –a melodic chant delivered by Isyana, beckons all listeners to join in and harmonise.

This choreography marks a distinctive evolution for Isyana Sarasvati. From her customary metal performances, she now takes centre stage to dance in a music video. Fascinatingly, Isyana plans to bring this choreography to life during her live performances.

The music video for “mindblowing” is now available for your viewing pleasure on Isyana Sarasvati’s YouTube channel starting Friday (July 14th). Additionally, the songs from her fourth album, “ISYANA”, can also be enjoyed on all your favourite streaming platforms!

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