From the beginning of her career, Isyana Sarasvati has always been known as a musician who continually proves her ability to stand out in the national music industry. Through this concert, Isyana will encapsulate her decade-long musical journey. Not only will Isyana perform as a diva with her usual total musicality, but she will also challenge herself to delve into a musical journey that has been very close to her since childhood. This concert will be an honest expression of the bittersweetness of life, capturing every emotion present in her songs, major and minor harmonies, as well as the spaces that have influenced her. These elements have breathed life into her music and the losses that eventually brought balance, shaping Isyana into who she is today.

Isyana will take the audience on a captivating musical journey. The best songs from her four albums, “EXPLORE!”, “Paradox”, “LEXICON”, and “ISYANA,” will be performed with special arrangements. Isyana Sarasvati will celebrate her 10-year journey in the music industry. This solo concert will not only reflect her works but also be a celebration of the dedication and love from her fans.

The orchestral ambiance will be one of the concert’s lifebloods. Assisted by Avip Priatna and the Jakarta Concert Orchestra, we will enjoy a different experience from Isyana Sarasvati’s musical performance. This solo concert will also be enlivened by performances from the Batavia Madrigal Singer and The Resonanz Choir, ready to deliver a unique experience.

This concert will summarize all life phases as a medium to celebrate the colors and awaken the Isyana that had once “fallen asleep.” The concert will be a powerful turning and burning point. Isyana invites all music lovers in the country to be part of this 10-year concert, to celebrate together, experiencing Isyana’s “rebirth,” purity… pure.. rebirth.

I was lost, but now I am found
“We were lost, but now we are found”

These sentences encapsulate the essence of the theme “Lost in Harmony,” reflecting Isyana’s personal and musical journey, the deep role of music in her life, and the celebration of her growth and rebirth.

This concert will take place on November 16, 2024, at Istora Senayan. The concert is expected to be one of the biggest musical events of the year, bringing together loyal fans with their idol on one grand stage.

Fans can already purchase early bird tickets starting Wednesday night (June 12) through the website Various ticket categories are available to enjoy this spectacular concert, starting from the festival area priced at Rp419,000. The tribune area is also open for viewers with the lowest price in the CAT 4 category at Rp419,000. The next category, CAT 3, is priced at Rp629,000, CAT 2 at Rp769,000, and the highest category, CAT 1, at Rp1,049,000.

Isyana Sarasvati also offers two special classes named HARMONY and REDROSE. For the special HARMONY class, visitors will get a special viewing area in the tribune, special souvenirs, and special access and toilets. For REDROSE class ticket holders, fans will get the most strategic and ideal viewing area to enjoy the overall show treatment both in audio and visual aspects, where, as we know, Isyana and her team always prepare unforgettable concert creations and experiences. Now is the time to experience firsthand the special performance of Isyana Sarasvati by delving into her monumental decade-long career journey.

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